Testimonials from our Extended Sybeck Families:


WARK, VIC - Purchasing our baby boy from Rebecca and Simon is the best thing we ever done. The whole process was hassle free. From the beginning filling out the questionnaire to the pick up date collecting our boy. You just know they really care for their dogs and the litters they have!!  Receiving the puppy guide book was a massive help for us to guide us through the right way of raising a puppy lab. Banjo has settled in really well and his "accidents" have been very minimal and we believe that's due to the way they were getting trained by Rebecca and Simon prior to us receiving him. 


ROBERTSON, VIC -  We purchased a black puppy, and he is absolutely gorgeous. We were kept up to date from the time of his birth until the day we picked him up 8 weeks later. When we collected Richo we were told he was the biggest pup from the litter, but the most placid. And how right has that turned out to be - his paws are hugh, but he is so so placid . A “gentle giant”. It is so lovely to watch the children roll around with him in the backyard, and to see the delight he has brought. From the very first day it has been very evident that Richo has been well loved and socialised from a young age. Toilet training and establishing sleeping patterns was a breeze from the start - the foundations had been well laid before we even collected him. The purchasing process was hassle free, and any questions we have had since bringing Richo home have been answered very thoroughly. Sybeck was recommended to us by a work colleague, and we certainly have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone looking to bring a Labrador puppy into their lives - particularly if they are after a puppy with good looks, cheeky personality and calm disposition.  


DELAHUNTY, VIC - I was so fortunate to take delivery of a Sybeck Labrador (Patsy) a little over 3 weeks ago. Taking delivery of this gorgeous little pup was the culmination of all the hard work and patient care of Bec and Simon. I cannot say thank-you enough for all of your help through the puppy acquisition process. From the moment I enquired about a puppy Bec was so switched on about making sure a Sybeck Lab was the right fit for me (and vice versa!) The weekly puppy updates were fabulous and helped make the 8 week wait fly by! Now I have a gorgeous, smart, inquisitive, well adjusted puppy. She is a joy and leading the way in her puppy preschool class (very much helped by her food motivation!). I've also had several people ask me where she came from as she is beautifully conformed. I would not hesitate to recommend Sybeck to anyone wishing to purchase a beautiful quality Labrador.

REEVES, VIC  - Just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your assistance with the matching up with our beautiful boy Rex. He is the most cheekiest little boy ever and has settled into our house perfectly. His temperament for children is amazing and this is a testament to the quality of pups you breed. You made us feel at right at ease from the very first contact right through to pick up, we loved the weekly updates of the puppies and would wait with baited breath to receive these. All our questions were always answered promptly and nothing was ever an issue. When the time is right we will certainly be back and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Sybeck Labradors for anyone looking for a lab. Thank you for our boy Rex.

LOCKHART'S VIC - Words cannot express the absolute joy and delight that has come into our lives in the form of a beautiful bundle of black furry energy, named Missy. We thank you very much for your professional expertise and care you have put into breeding beautiful Labradors.  From the outset your need to speak with us personally, followed by a detailed and comprehensive questionnaire, which allows you to screen appropriate buyers for your beautiful pups is impressive and commendable. Also your very informative compilation of ‘Care of Your Labrador Puppy’ which I was able to down load well before we bought her home, proved invaluable for us. Furthermore the regular emails on the puppy’s progress and development with accompanying photos.  We so looked forward to them and were surprised how quickly they grew.  This all added to the overall experience and the building of excitement as pickup day grew near. Missy is now eleven weeks old and doing beautifully, she has just fitted in wonderfully well the transition was seamless; we owe this to your handling and the lovely family environment you provide for your puppies.  She sleeps through the night and has done since day two.  She is confident curious and unfazed by most things with a beautiful temperament. We couldn’t recommend Simon and Rebecca at Sybeck Labradors highly enough, they are professional, knowledgeable and breed their dogs with love and affection. Thank you very much for our beautiful Missy.

MORRIS'S VIC - What a wonderful experience purchasing a puppy from Sybeck Labradors. How lucky am I to have this wonderful dog. Thankyou to Simon and Rebecca  - they were just brilliant to deal with.  They did everything in there power to make us feel comfortable and confident with the dog we purchased.  I enjoyed our meeting and they have such a wonderful family and it shows in their dogs.  Please consider your next puppy to be one from Sybeck - I know you will be very happy with your choice.   I know I am :) 

MCWILLIAM'S VIC - If you are looking to add a Labrador to your home, look no further! Simon & Rebecca have got you covered. Absolute legends! They kept us up to date through the whole process from the pregnancy all the way to handing the little pup over to us. Speaking of which, the preparation they put into the hand over documents makes you feel very comfortable in knowing what to expect and how to care for your pup in the first 12 months. No questions were ever too stupid! We’ve had Nixon with us for 6 months now and can’t imagine our home without him. Couldn’t speak more highly of this breeder! Thanks again

SCHINNER'S VIC - We purchased our Labrador puppy from ‘Sybeck’ in July 2015. From our first phone contact with Rebecca and Simon we were very impressed. Rebecca spoke to us at length about ‘all things Labrador’ and encouraged us to visit them and meet the mother of our puppy before we placed an order. We knew it would be a difficult task to replace our last girl, but driving home from that visit we knew we had found our breeder.  Our new girl Pip is a delight; she is an affectionate and independent puppy and our first few weeks welcoming her into our family have been easier than expected. She has grasped toilet training very quickly and has adapted easily to other K9 family members. We know that this is largely due to the breeding standard and effort Simon and Rebecca put into the socialisation of their puppies. Pip is now progressing through puppy school and has even impressed our Labrador owning vet with her lovely conformation.  We have no hesitation recommending ‘Sybeck’ to others looking to add a Labrador to their family

KENNY'S VIC - It was time for another Labrador and this time a little black girl (yellow and chocolate already having left lab-sized holes in my heart).  Dogs online pointed me in the direction of Sybeck Labradors and there she was!  Bec was fantastic during our chat/interview; it was just like chatting with a friend.  The weekly pup updates complete with photos were fantastic and a hit with family/friends too.  Collecting Abby, was again just like having a chat with friends, Bec and Simon were completely professional but it was all so relaxed and easy.  Abby is a typical Labrador who loves to play with me, her toys and anyone else who gets close to her.  She has a lovely, friendly personality and suits me down to the ground.  It is already impossible to imagine life without her.  I cannot recommend Sybeck Labradors enough

THOMPSON'S VIC - We purchased a chocolate female Labrador, called Lily, on January 25th this year, from Sybeck Labradors. This is our first Labrador from this breeder and we could not be happier.  From our first contact, Bec, the owner, has been very professional, informative and supportive. We were sent weekly puppy updates- including photos, when the puppies were born-which we really loved as we could watch them grow. Bec has hand picked a gorgeous puppy that completely suits our family and we are totally besotted with her. Lily is a very healthy, happy, gentle and affectionate puppy. We love her to bits.

WARD'S VIC - Thank you for the easy and professional service you gave us when we purchased Daisy.  She settled into our family very quickly and we often referred to the wonderful folder you gave us with her for advice.  She is a much loved part of our family and we love taking her with us on outings.  It was lovely to see where she came from and to know that she was going from your family into ours.  Her favourite time is when she gets to play with other dogs which is a testament to the family environment she was born into.  Thank you very much!

MORGAN'S VIC - We are the owners of a Sybeck girl we adopted as a 2 yo ,she is the sweetest girl ever we already had a lab when we got her. Thet are great mates, labs are the only dogs in the world in our eyes. So when looking for a dog go for a lab. Nikki is the obediant ,sweet and loving dog we all want. Thankyou Simon and Bec for letting us have her.

McGUIRE'S VIC - Thankyou Simon and Rebecca for our little girl Roxy. She's a credit to you and your breeding program and would recommend Sybeck Labradors to any family looking for a quality puppy. Now that we are part of the extended Sybeck family, we will keep you up to date with her progress.

SWEENEY'S VIC - Bindi (Akas Vicki) had her first day at Casterton Secondary College today as a trial and past with flying colours, she is learning so quickly. She is simply remarkable and we lover her dearly. For those that don't know we were fortunate enough to get Bindi at 7 months of age and within 2 weeks she has learnt a new name, plus numerous commands. We have 3 children aged 9, 7.5 & 4 and she is a huge part of our family. Bindi also is trialing as a pets as therapy dog for the Casterton Secondary School which she is taking in her stride. We can't imagine life without her and she has only been with us for 3 weeks. Will keep you posted on her progress.

TOUTZOGLOU'S VIC - Our boy Jett (named after Collingwood captain Nathan Buckley's first born) is doing great. Thank you for the wonderful experience we are all having in owning a wonderful pedigree like Jett. We sing your praises whenever we can and actually met someone who was looking to buy a Lab and name him Jett also. Yes, he was also a Collingwood supporter. Of course we recommended that he look Sybeck up.

BURNS VIC - Many thanks Simon and Rebecca for the wonderful experience in purchasing my new puppy. The correspondance, information and wonderful hospitality made me know that I'd done the right thing. Of course the pup is wonderful (most of the time). I look proudly tell people of his breeding and this experience.

AGNEW'S VIC - Lacy is learning so fast, she will sit whe told and stay when told if you need to go through the gate without her (she will back up when told if the gate opens towards her) She loves coming inside at night and when she gets tired, she will go to her mat and have a sleep. She loves playing in water but also thinks it is great fun getting dried off whe a towel (sometimes we think she gets wet on purpose). She loves getting brushed and will lie on her back and let you brush her belly. She does not cry at night when it is time to go to bed in the shed and we don't hear from her til the morning. She is a credit to yourself and your family in the way she behaves, well done on producing a remarkable pup! - Kane absolutely adores her

SPICER'S VIC - We wanted to give you some very positive feedback on purchasing a puppy from you.  Aside from your puppies being absolutely gorgeous, its clearly evident that Indie has been so loved and well socialised from a young age.  The purchasing process was easy and your photo updates each week were great as it was so nice to see how they were growing and lovely for our kids to see what was coming.  You also made the pick up easy  as you were happy to fit in with whatever day or time worked for us, which was greatly appreciated.  We are very happy with the whole buying process and will be recommending you to anyone we know who is thinking of getting a Labrador puppy, although I think Indie will be your best recommendation when people meet her!!


ANNETT'S VIC:  What a perfect puppy Brian is! He had a long drive to his new home on Saturday, which he coped well with, although very hungry by the end (He loves his food) He's very well behaved! - we're still working on the house training :) He has spent some time exploring his new big backyard and wearing in new toys. I like it that he is cuddly, David and Errol can provide the rough and tumble. Thank you so much for giving us a wonderful gift. We have found the process from inception to delivery no stress.


DEETH'S VIC: They are honestly the most beautiful pups and have settled in so well. They had their 12 week checkup and vac last week and are in great health, they also had their first puppy school class on Sunday, they were top of the class as we've already taught them to sit.  (as you know labs especially do anything for food) Sammy is just as you predicted, so placid and incredibly gentle, he is the favourite amongst the cats as he walks up very slowly to them and gives them a big kiss. Lexi on the other hand gets so excited and runs after them. They spend the days exploring our half acre backyard and after a big morning of exploring they love their naps. They will sleep outside when it isn't so cold - Thank you again for the the best pups we could have wished for!!!


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