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We pride on ourselves on striving to breed healthy well socialised puppies who are as clear of hereditary problems as we can possibly do at this time. We cannot be 100% certain that a puppy will not develop elbow or hip dysplagia or other eye conditions, but we are doing our best to only breed from sound breeding stock who are capable of leading normal lives.
With all our puppy buyers we give a comprehensive guide to rearing their puppy to ensure optimal health and prevent possible environmental issues causing problems eg. over exercising the growing puppy, allowing to run unrestrained on slippery floors, jumping out of cars. Labrador puppies can easily injure themselves in the fast growing stages with their heavy bone structure unless looked after properly.
We give all our puppy purchasers a written contract of sale (terms and conditions below) which is signed by both parties. We want to ensure the new owner fully understands their responsibilities and the responsibilities of the breeder. We take breeding and selling our Labradors seriously and want to ensure they will be going to the best possible homes.
Elbow and Hip Dysplagia

The ANKC (Australian National Kennel Control Council) has recognised that Labrador Retrievers have a problem with hip and elbow dysplagia - that is why any puppy that is to be registered must come from parents who have been xrayed for hip and elbow dysplagia post 1997.
However, the ANKC has not embargoed a cut off score, so you could be purchasing a puppy who has parents with elbows and hips that should not be bred from. As per the Victorian Labrador Club Inc Puppy Sales Register Code of Ethics, we will not breed from dogs whose elbows are more than 1:1 and hips equal to or lower than the current breed average (12.11). The only exception is that we may occasionally breed from slightly higher hips as long as the total combined score of both parents is less than 20. The lower the elbow score (0 - 3, with 0 best) and hips the lower the better. Labradors who have elbow scores of 2:2 or above should NEVER be bred from and you as a puppy purchaser is highly advised not to purchase one from a bitch/dog with scores above this.
These are Rodorbal Sweet As Candy who has 0:0 elbows and hips = perfect at 0/0
Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) and Exercise Induce Collapse (EIC)

A genetic test is now available for Labradors to test for PRA and EIC. The test will either indicate “Clear” (does not contain the gene), “Carrier” (contains one gene, but does not affect the dog) and Affected (contains both genes and can be affected by the disease).
PRA – All our dogs are PRA “Clear” and in future we will only be using PRA “Clear” dogs for our breeding program. This will ensure that we will only produce “Clear” puppies.
EIC – We have been testing for EIC for this disease since the genetic test was available. Our current breeding program will only ever produce “Clear” or “Carrier” puppies. To do this, we will only ever cross the following combinations to ensure we will not produce an “Affected” puppy:
“Clear” x “Clear” = “Clear” Puppies
“Clear” x “Carrier” = “Clear/Carrier” Puppies
“Clear” x “Affected” = “Carrier” Puppies
Our long term breeding program will result in only having EIC “Clear” dogs, but without losing on quality, type and temperament. To achieve this, we will test any puppies we wish to keep, with the aim to only keeping EIC “Clear” puppies.
There is absolutely no excuse these days for a Labrador to be affected by these diseases! 
The following terms and conditions are agreed to by both the Breeder and Purchaser.
1.         The Purchaser will de-sex the abovementioned puppy before 12 months of age and not before 9 months of age (at their own cost) and provide proof of a de-sexing certificate to the Breeder.
2.         This puppy is sold for the purposes of a family pet and not for breeding or showing. This puppy is believed to be healthy, with no signs of any Hip/Elbow Dysplagia, Progressive Rod Cone Degeneration (PRA) or Exercise Induce Collapse (EIC) and has received a health check by a registered veterinarian at 6 weeks of age and given a temporary vaccination for distemper, hepatitis and parvovirus.
          The Purchaser acknowledges that he/she has received copies of the test results for both parents of the puppy:
i)             Hip/Elbow Dysplagia Grading Scheme;
ii)            Progressive Rod Cone Degeneration (PRA);
iii)           Exercise Induce Collapse (EIC).
3.         The Purchaser accepts that the Breeder does not warrant (or is responsible for) the following on the puppy:
i)             Osteochondritis Dissecans (OCD);
ii)            Behavioural problems or personality traits;
iii)           Damage to any property or personal items by the puppy
iv)           Other conditions not set out herein.
4.         The Purchaser may choose to have the puppy checked out by their veterinary surgeon within 48 hours to be given a general health check if so wished. This health check and any tests or examinations associated with this check will be at the Purchaser’s expense. If the veterinarian discovers any problem, which in his/her professional opinion renders the puppy unfit for sale, the Breeder will take the puppy back and refund the purchase price on condition that the puppy is returned within 72 hours and is accompanied by a letter of explanation from the veterinarian. The puppy must be in the same state of health as when it was purchased and all costs to return the puppy will be at the Purchaser’s expense. The Purchaser notes carefully that the puppy may well become a much loved member of the family within a very short time. The Purchaser agrees that the Breeder will not be held responsible for any distress or upset caused by the need to return the puppy to the Breeder.
5.         The Breeder acknowledges that this breed can develop Hip/Elbow Dysplagia. The Breeder has acted responsibly by only using a stud dog and dam with hips and elbows in an acceptable range (no more than a combination score of 14 between the stud and dam). The Purchaser accepts that the Breeder has acted responsible and that there is a very slight chance that Hip/Elbow Dysplagia may affect this puppy.
If the puppy does develop Hip/Elbow Dysplagia, up to 12 months of age, the Breeder will:
i)             Request for the puppy to be x-rayed by a vet and diagnosed by an accredited radiographer that the puppy has been affected by Hip/Elbow Dysplagia at the Purchaser’s costs;
ii)            Upon certification of Hip/Elbow Dysplagia, the Breeder will refund the full purchase price paid and allow the Purchaser two options:
                                          i.    The Purchaser can return the puppy to Breeder, from which the puppy will become the full responsibility of the Breeder henceforth. The Purchaser understands and agrees that once the dog has been returned to the Breeder, the dog becomes the responsibility of the Breeder and that all matters concerning it’s future well being are the sole concern of the Breeder.
                                     ii.       The Purchaser can retain the puppy, but will be responsible for any losses, expenses or distress (ie. veterinarian costs, x-ray costs, ongoing treatment costs, related to the Hip/Elbow Dysplagia) that might be incurred with the Hip/Elbow Dysplagia.
          This undertaking only covers the genetic development of Hip/Elbow Dysplagia and will be null and void if caused through accident, injury, neglect or environmental causes (ie. jumping of the back of a ute, running on tiles, over exercise prior to 9 months of age, running up and down stairs, playing with another dog).
          If the puppy develops Hip/Elbow Dysplagia after 12 months of age, the terms and conditions set  above (clause 5, i, ii)  will still be valid, without the refund of the purchase price paid.
6.         Under no circumstance will the Purchaser sell, lease, give or lend this Labrador to a dog dealer for export, puppy farm or similar establishment. The Purchaser also agrees that if the dog needs rehoming and he/she is unable to find a suitable home, that the dog will be returned to the Breeder. The Purchaser understands and agrees that once the dog has been returned to the Breeder, the dog becomes the responsibility of the Breeder and that all matters concerning it’s future well being and rehoming are to be the sole concern of the Breeder.
7.         Following the purchase of this puppy, that he/she will provide a safe, well fenced environment for the puppy. The Purchaser also agrees to ensure any veterinary treatment which may be required from time to time, will be obtained promptly as required. The Purchaser also gives the Breeder or their agent permission to periodically check that the puppy is being cared for in a satisfactory manner, if desired.
8.         The Purchaser acknowledges that he/she has received:
i)             Care For Your Labrador Puppy Guide Book
ii)            Vaccination Card
iii)           Certificate of Identification – Microchip details and changeover
9.         The Purchaser will provide adequate training (ie, sit, stay and drop) for their puppy and will correct any poor behaviour displayed. The Purchaser is encouraged to take their puppy to ‘puppy school’ to help with training techniques and help with socialising their puppy.


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