Registered Breeder or Puppy Farmer ?

What to look for in a Reputable Labrador Pedigree Breeder

If you are reading this, we can't express enough to YOU that YOU need to do your homework when it comes to looking for a reputable, honest breeder and not a "wolf in sheeps clothing" puppy farmer who is just looking to line his/her pockets with money to purchase luxoury items or an overseas trip. 

Personally, if i was ever looking for a breeder, i would look for someone who actually does some form of dog activity (ie - showing, agility, obedience, tracking etc) or involved in Dog Clubs. These people are usally looking to breed to improve the breed's ability in performing in an activity, therefor is act of improving the breed.

Please keep in mind, whilst there are great honest regisistered breeders - majorty are!, There also a small number of really poor unethical breeders who are also regisitered too. You need to do your research!!

Some questions to ask breeders:

- Why do you breed? look for answers along the lines of improving the breed by activily participating in a dog activity or wanting to keep a puppy for themself. 

- Why did you choose this sire or dam? - look for answer that show knowledge of the breed standard and how this combination will improve key charaisitics of the breed. It is very clear when they use dogs from interstate, long distance or AI that they are serious about improving the quailty of their lines.

- Are you keeping a puppy? - If they are selling the whole litter off, then this is just a money making litter. 

- Do they do activity or competing with their dog? - look for answers that they participate in a dog sport or activity and have at least attending recently or support breed clubs. 

- What support do they offer? - you would hope to receive a puppy raising guide book with a feeding diet, also you can call them anytime with any issue for guidence.


**Dont make a rush decision, please be prepared to wait for the right breeder **


* Reputable Breeders will provide health reports for hips, elbows, PRA and EIC for both parents of litters or complete DNA tests.

* There are many websites which can explain PRA and EIC and the meaning of hip and elbow scoring, we include some information on this site

* Reputable Breeders will provide information on diet and raising your puppy in writing

* Reputable Breeders will ask you lots of questions and get to know you to be sure the right puppy is matched to the right home for the right reasons

* Reputable Breeders require dogs they have bred to be returned to them if there is any reason that the owner cannot keep them

* Reputable Breeders are there for you and your puppy when you welcome them home and always available for guidance for the rest of your puppy's life

* Reputable Breeders will have done extensive research on the lineage of each litter to do their best to breed healthy happy puppies

* Reputable Breeders will often travel many kms to show their dogs and compete against others to be sure that their breeding program meets the breed standard

* Reputable Breeders will always provide a Certificate of Registration and Pedigree for your own puppy, issued by the states Controlling body eg (Dogs NSW, Dogs SA, DOGS Vic etc)

* Reputable Breeders will welcome you to their home to meet the puppy, parents (if able) and other fur family members

* Reputable Breeders will provide 6 weeks free pet insurance (PetPlan) and ask you to continue with it for at least 12 months

* Reputable Breeders do not just breed the same pair of dogs together for every litter, or the closest possible dog. The breeder will find a sire that is producing what the previous litter did not excel in

* Reputable Breeders will register every puppy and every litter they breed with their State Controlling body

* Reputable Breeders will not charge more money for different colour or sexes. The only allowable colours are Black, Yellow and Chocolate. The only reason some litters cost more is reflected due to extra costs to produce the litter ie the bitch has been flown interstate to the stud dog and frozen semen has been used which entails a lot of expense

* Reputable Breeders will require you to get an independant vet check with your puppy within a set timeframe and will offer a full refund or replacement if any health issues are found that will affect the puppy's quality of life

* Reputable Breeders will require you to desex your puppy but not before 6 months of age. Large breeds need hormones to help with healthy growth. Desexing removes these hormones and growth can be affected and may cause an increase risk of bone cancers in males. In young males, they can grow taller and the legs in their bones can be a lot thinner due to lack of hormones and their heads look more "girlish"

* Reputable Breeders will request a deposit after the litter is born

* Reputable Breeders will require you to sign a contract which covers health, rearing, breeding and breeder support


What to look for in a NON REPUTABLE breeder

* A NON reputable breeder will request a deposit to go on a waiting list - even before the puppies are born

* A NON reputable breeder will not allow you to see the home environment where the puppies are raised

* A NON reputable breeder will offer you a reduced fee for non registration of the puppy

* A NON reputable breeder will sell you a puppy with no vaccination, microchip or 6 week health check

* A NON reputable breeder will only breed with their own dogs, sell all the litter and not for the betterment of the breed.

* A NON reputable breeder will sell you a puppy with maybe some health testing, but no reasurance or assistance if anything happens

* A NON reputable breeder will give you the puppy with no information, help, guide book, assistance with raising the puppy

* A NON reputable breeder will not refund a deposit paid

* A NON reputable breeder will not ask questions about yourself, all they care about is the sale and money.

* A NON reputable breeder will ask you to pick up the puppy before 8 weeks ago - this is against the law!


We urge you, if you speak to a breeder and if any of the key points are raised, please walk away. It is better to wait for the right breeder with the right puppy for you.

A puppy is for life and generally a Labrador Retriever lives from 12-15 years on average. 





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