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Simon Malseed is the son of Linda and Greg Malseed of Rodorbal Labradors which are based in Macarthur (Southwest Coast of Victoria). Rodorbal Labradors have been established for over 30 years.

Simon has been with Labradors for all his life, his first Labrador was Molly “Rodorbal Errant Melody” ( black lab - pictured above) who used to go everywhere with Simon and was his first gun dog. Molly was eventually mated to "Poolstead Pleasant Thought (Imp UK)" and then there was Cookie “Rodorbal Quite Contrary" (chocolate lab - also pictured above). Cookie was a mad puppy, search and destroy was her hobby. Cookie was named after the Cookie Monster!

Simon and Bec moved to Ardlethan in 2004 (a very small country town near Wagga Wagga) where Simon was an Assistant Manager on a Farm and Rebecca was a Legal Secretary in Griffith. During our time there, a very sad event occurred, Molly passed away peacefully just before Christmas 2004. She was buried on our good friends McKinnon’s farm and to this day we still say hello to her when we are visiting the McKinnons.

Well poor Cookie was a bit lost, so as a Christmas present to Bec, Simon had organised a little yellow puppy girl, Paris “ Aust Ch Rodorbal on the Catwalk”, who was brought up to Ardlethan by Linda and Greg who helped us move to Leeton. Linda had already organised to come up to NSW from VIC and compete in the 3 day Temora Dog Show, from which Linda mentioned to Bec that she could ‘show’ Paris at these three days. Well this is where it all began!!! Paris (handled by Bec) beat Linda’s girl each day for bitch challenge and attained 21 points for the whole weekend.

Bec was hooked, and since then we have been showing and breeding Labradors. Our prefix “Sybeck” is a combination of our names: Simon – “sy” and Bec – “beck”.

In April 2008, we moved from Leeton, NSW to Hamilton VIC for new job opportunities and to be closer to family, since then, we have welcomed our first child, Riley Malseed in 2008 and now our second child Jake Malseed in 2011. Now we are based at Macarthur on 3 acres which is great for the dogs.

In March 2012, we had to say goodbye to Cookie as her kidneys where failing. We miss our beautiful chocolate girl, but she her legacy lives in our current girls Kelly and Mardi.

2015 - due to the continuing ill health of Simon's parents. the Rodorbal dogs have now been incorporated under the Sybeck prefix! Linda plays an important role still whelping and raising the puppies in her home environment, where the puppies get lots of individual attention and raised in the house with heaps of contact with all the grandkids. Rearing puppies is a very time consuming process if you do it right and with Linda and Greg home most of the time, the puppies thrive in the environment in the house, with the TV going, vacuum etc and those noisy kids as well as interaction with the house dogs like Jasper who is a wonderful "uncle" to all the pups and little Monty the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. 



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